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All digital releases are individually zipped. All tracks are 320kbps 16-bit 44.1 stereo encoded with LAME 3.97. Optimized for iTunes with tracklisting and artwork. Zips also include 300dpi artwork and m3u playlist file.
Upon completion of sale, instructions for downloading will be emailed to you.

Card006 Digital - Crushkill - Diamonds Are Forever

Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech, as a fixture of our youths. His high pitched "screech" voice had a firm bond on our hearts. Unfortunately, we couldn't cryogenetically freeze him at a permanent age of 14 and Diamond grew up. Struggling with his past as a famous child actor, Diamond has fallen on hard times. Taken to starring in porns and chess tutorial videos Diamond is doing it all to make ends meet. Hopefully, this release brings to light Diamonds plight and the rich contribution he has made to Western culture.

Card005 Digital - nwodtleM - Zombie Chic

Love is a powerful emotion that even lives on after death. This release is like the 1990 movie, Ghost starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. But, instead of ghosts returning from the dead for their loved ones this release is about zombies. Yes! Zombie love! Though unlike Ghost, this release is not a sap fest. But, you may cry; crying from laughing too hard.

01 nwodtleM - Zombie Chic

Card004 Digital - V/A - Toronto's Favourite Goth

Goth = Chicken or Egg. Do people become goths because they are sad, or are they sad because they are goth. A very perplexing question you can ponder while listening to this release :)
tracklisting 01 The Silent6 - PVC (digital desctruction mix) 02 Skeeter - Pretty in Pink

Card003 Digital - 3 Random Wordz - Gabbers Are Gay

Probably our most br00tal release. Harsh noize + speedcore + grindcore. A seething brew of hatred for pew pi pew music.

01 3 Random Wordz - This Track is Brutal Like a UFC Match And I Dont Even Like Rasslin
02 3 Random Wordz - Gabbers Are Sexually Repressed Homosexuals
03 3 Random Wordz - Cornfed Poon
04 3 Random Wordz - We Suck More Than a Fat Kid With a Milkshake
05 3 Random Wordz - Laf-O Cant Scream FC Being Eaten by Piggies
06 3 Random Wordz - Gabbers Are Ignorant Fucks

Card002 Digital - V/A -Dadcore

Everyone can relate to this release, as everyone has or had a dad at some point in their lives. You can love your dad, or even hate him. But, the undeniable bond between us all is that we were all created when our father's sperm fertilized our mother's egg. Unless you are some Raelian clone baby. If you are, and can prove it, I'll send you this cd for free.

01 Atari Bizkit - For The Hundredth Time I AM NOT GAY
02 Nwodtlem - You Always Knew This Would Happen
03 Crushkill - Dad Guy
04 Nwodtlem - Digital Dadcore

Card001 Digital - V/A - We Love You Rob. A Tribute to Rob Pilatus 1966 - 1998

The original! The card that started it all! A tribute to the man, the myth, the legend! Rob Pilatus. Best known as one half of the famous German dance pop group, Milli Vanilli, Rob worked his magic and enriched our hearts forever. Unfortunately in 1998 Rob came to a tragic end, choking on his own vomit after overdosing on a cocktail of sleeping pills and booze. Though Rob is gone, his memory lives on. This release pays tribute to that memory.
01 Atari Bizkit - An Exercise In Stupidity (aka We Love You Rob Pilatus)

Card000 Digital - Sounds of Horror/Crushkill - Beer, Blowjobs, & reMIXES

01 Crushkill - Brining Home The Job.mp3
02 Sounds of Horror - Beer, Blowjobs, & NOIZE.mp3
03 Out Takes.mp3

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