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All digital releases are individually zipped. All tracks are 320kbps 16-bit 44.1 stereo encoded with LAME 3.97. Optimized for iTunes with tracklisting and artwork. Zips also include 300dpi artwork and m3u playlist file.
Upon completion of sale, instructions for downloading will be emailed to you.

Card016 Digital - Unitus - The Dungeon Master

Probably our most popular release. Black metal dungeon and dragons parody. Very tr00. A classic hmcr release.

01 Unitus - sword plus three
02 Unitus - majic-missile
03 Unitus - army of goblins
04 Unitus - the mage

Card015 Digital - Strider - Punk

Chiptune Punk from Ottawa, Canada's Strider.

01 Strider - To The Earth
02 Strider - Into The Wilderness
03 Strider - Lost Dogs

Card014 Digital - J.Lo Biafra - Every American Will Get To Marry Jennifer Lopez

A release about teenage masturbation, and Jennifer Lopez. A subject we can all relate to, unless you are some christian weirdo. If you cannot relate to the subject matter, you can appreciate it by release of stress and tension of your self imposed manual celibacy by rocking the fuck out!

01 J.Lo Biafra - Blacklist
02 J.Lo Biafra - Rock 'n' Roll
03 J.Lo Biafra - Every American Will Get To Marry Jennifer Lopez
04 J.Lo Biafra - Teenage Masturbation

Card013 Digital - V/A - Etobikore

Etobicoke (pronounced /ɛˈtoʊbɨkoʊ/ listen (help·info)) is the western portion of the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with an official population of 338,117 [1] as measured by the 2001 Census and 334,491 people as of the 2006 Census. It is bordered on the south by Lake Ontario, on the east by the Humber River, on the west by the city of Mississauga, and on the north by the city of Vaughan.

Wikipedia: Etobicoke

Card012 Digital - k5k - How to make friends and influence breakcore

Complete mess of a release. Unique breakcore from New Zealand's k5k.

01 k5k - How to make friends and influence breakcore

Card011 Digital - Gorf - 0131CC65


01 Gorf - 0131CC65

Card010 Digital - Laf-O - pankracy

By the end of the 1980s until the fall of communism in the Soviet Bloc in 1991, The Communist Party of Poland was on its last legs. Turning to unorthodox methods out of desperation to distribute party propaganda. The party began utilizing a dog to bring the message of communism to the people of Poland. That dog was Pankracy! This release is about that dog.

Serious mind bending, genre defining music from our man, Laf-O!!

01 Laf-O - pankracy
02 Laf-O - electroniczna kwoka...(w. Jaruzelski)

Card009 Digital - Skeeter + Crushkill - BodyBreakCore

Unfortunately, this release will only make full sense to Canadians. A tribute to the perky duo of Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, who encouraged an ever obesifying populace to get outside and exercise. In honour of their dedication to healthy living, it is recommended you dance your ass off when listening to this release!

01 Skeeter - Bloodclot Gangsta Youth Club
02 Crushkill - Superfit My Ass
03 Body Broken

Card008 Digital - Admiral Crumple - DUNCAN : How can we get Distro and have fun

rap music

01 Admiral Crumple - Scrapped Expression
02 Admiral Crumple - Garbage Trucks

Card007 Digital - Refuzer VS. Schizoid - Who Told You It Is Democracy?

50 songs in 5 minutes! A microgrind battle between heavy weights Schizoid and Refuzer! Can you keep up?! BROOTAL!

01 Refuzer vs Schizoid - Tracks 01-10
02 Refuzer vs Schizoid - Tracks 11-20
03 Refuzer vs Schizoid - Tracks 21-30
04 Refuzer vs Schizoid - Tracks 31-40
05 Refuzer vs Schizoid - Tracks 41-50

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