HMCR Digital Downloads

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All digital releases are individually zipped. All tracks are 320kbps 16-bit 44.1 stereo encoded with LAME 3.97. Optimized for iTunes with tracklisting and artwork. Zips also include 300dpi artwork and m3u playlist file.
Upon completion of sale, instructions for downloading will be emailed to you.

Card026 Digital - Synthamesk - Locusts From Dimension 7

From the mind of Synthamesk comes a space opera about robotic locusts from dimesion 7 destroying Terra with a giant ray gun of that fires 7/8 time amens.

01 Synthamesk - Locusts From Dimension 7

Card025 Digital - Anti-Kati - Reserved Wank Of New Zealand or Ripped Off For Only 2 Dollars

Latin cannibals eat babies and poop out salsacore noise anti-kati style.

01 Anti-Kati - Cannibal War Chant Esplosione
02 Anti-Kati - Johnny Shake Yr Wrong Glitch
03 Anti-Kati - Ripped Off For Only 2 Dollars

Card024 Digital - Crushkill - Seaforth

Seaforth, is a journey through Crushkill's experiences living in the bowels of Toronto; one of the best places in North America to buy crack cocaine.

In fact, just the other day he was approached by someone offering to give him a hit of crack free of charge. "It'll make you feel like god", he said. He thought to himself... "should I?". Would the twenty minute high that such a venture provides give him the rush he had been looking for his entire life?

Card023 Digital - Sincere Trade - Black Red EP

Carl probably hates this cd now.

01 Sincere Trade - Black
02 Sincere Trade - Red

Card021 Digital - Minikomi - Tight Booty

Ones first reaction to Minikomi's release might be, "Is he a little communist?". After you ponder that mysterious engima of mysteriousness, you will most definitely be gettin' down to the two nuggets of funk that Minikomi has composed for this release.

01 Minikomi - Tight Booty
02 Minikomi - Poppyseed Crunk

Card020 Digital - Crushkill Vs Skeeter - Riker Vs. Picard

With Enterprise cancelled and a 7 million dollar donation from NASA going to an excessive coke habit, the Star Trek franchise is all but a faded rag of its former glory of six o'clock pure ecstatic attentive zoning out on the beautiful bald skull belonging to Patrick Stewart, not to mention the episode where he vacations to Risa (ST:TNG Season 3 , Episode 19) and you can see the outline of his penis in his pants.

Card019 Digital - Skeeter - Enteritis

Dark melodic breakcore from a founding member of Here's My Card, Skeeter. A product of a deep unflinching hatred, Enteritis is a journey atop of a mountain range of minor scales and drum edits.

01 Skeeter - Delusional Minds
02 Skeeter - The Beast

Card018 Digital - Pharmacom - I am GBsequenced

Written and performed entirely on an unmodified gameboy. Pharmacom - I am GB Sequenced is akin to the sounds of a dot matrix printer whirling and jiggling away as it printed out the ascii pr0n you just spent the last 3 hours downloading with your 300 baud modem. Funky clicks and pops of hardware malfunction fueling the soundtrack to the all-night robot dionysian dance party.

01 Pharmacom - Dot Matrix
02 Pharmacom - Schwingende Elektronen

Card017 Digital - Tubgirl - Let Fly

Little is known about Tubgirl. Straight out of the bowels of Japan, Tubgirl mysteriously appeared to us within incoherent communicative licentious kisses. A penchant for pseudo-vintage fetishism and distortion, but really; how could we pass up on artist called Tubgirl!

01 Tubgirl - Let Fly
02 Tubgirl - Drain The Tub

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