HMCRLP001 Digital - V/A - Gettin Down 2 Bizness


uk1 Nailbomb Cults - Cthulhu Rising
Nailbomb Cults sets the stage with monstrous bass and pummelling kicks. By the end this stomper the world is left in tatters, and your mind is seriously shaken by the sheer force.

uk2 Ladyscraper - Bleeding From The Butt
Metal influenced grind mixed with abstract gabba with a healthy dose of noise. This track he reaches a new level of extreme and leaves all others in his dust. Ladyscraper is here to make you bleed!

uk3 nwodtleM - One Single Ticket For The Number 13 Please
Nonsense fueled plunderphonics are the name of the game in this anti-samaritan track. Kriss Kross meets up with Van Halen and House of Pain among countless others to join forces to kiss copyright laws goodbye.


cdn1 Skeeter - An Overwhelming Sense of Pessimism
Bridging the gap between leftfield drum n bass and breakcore, Skeeter chops the Soul Pride into a million little pieces. Rearranging it into adark and heavy masher, illustrating his overwhelming sense of pessimism.

cdn2 Crushkill - Ack!!1 One One
Unrelenting industrial beats match up perfectly, in a sorta ying/ying kinda way, with Ack!'s lush melodic pads. It's like realizing the meaning of life while someone is kicking your head in.

cdn3 Laf-O - Jerky Fader Octopus
Lynn Collins has never quite sounded like this! Laf-O mashes the Think break into a minimal abstract idm/breakcore track with a nice pseudo-serialist melody. Woah! That's alot of adjectives.